Compression Knee Sleeve


Our targeted compression Knee Sleeve is the next best thing to finding the fountain of youth. With exacting precision, its patented kinesio taping system empowers you to bounce back faster and feel stronger. Our carefully placed matrix of high-stretch bands primes you for performance by stimulating blood flow—reducing pain, inflammation, and fatigue, and fueling your muscles and joints for movement. Built with industry-leading non-slip technology, it offers support and stability with superior comfort.

Behind the Technology

• POWER-BAND TECH: Leverages built-in patented kinesiology tape to amplify performance and expedite recovery.

• POWER BAND: Provides superior, targeted support maximizing compression where it’s needed.

• TARGETED COMPRESSION: Strategically applies pressure where it counts most, keeping you stable and supported.

• V-GRIP: Prevents slippage with our stay-put silicone traction.

• COMFORT MESH: Enables total freedom of movement.

• COMFORT MESH: Comfort mesh, provides additional compression with maximum breathability

• ANTI-STINK BARRIER: Allows you to wear more and wash less, thanks to our patented antimicrobial technology.

• BASE LAYER: Advanced comfort mesh compression fabric. Moisture-wicking. SPF 50. 


• Fabric: Nylon 74%, Spandex 26%
• Taping: 100% Silicone
• Machine Washable: Delicate cycle in cold water. Lay flat to dry.
• Designed in California


• Provides compression superior to fabric alone. Amplifies performance and expedites recovery.

• Proprietary medical-grade silicone bonded to comfort mesh stretch fabric.

• Naturally contours to joints, ligaments, and muscles, for maximum comfort and support.

• Minimizes muscle fatigue by reducing vibration and assists in recovery.

• Benefits of kinesiology taping, targeting specific areas of the body.

• Helps with mind-body awareness during the rigors of exercise, improving posture, coordination, and injury prevention.

Fit Guide
Size Circumference 14 cm above knee cap
S 15 3/8 ~ 16 7/8
M 16 7/8 ~ 18 1/2
L 18 1/2 ~ 20 1/8
XL 20 1/8 ~ 21 5/8
2XL 21 5/8 ~ 23 1/4
Note: If you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing down to reap all the benefits of our compression wear.



Strategically applies targeted support to maximize compression where it’s needed most.
Leverages the benefits of kinesiology taping, targeting specific areas of the body.

Amplifies performance & expedites recoverY

Reduces vibration to assist in recovery, help prevent injuries,
and minimize muscle fatigue.


Increases compression, breathability, and freedom of movement
with our patented antimicrobial technology.


Prevents slippage with our stay-put silicone traction